Also, do you know of and/or use New Constructs and their data? David Trainer the founder was influenced heavily by the implied expectations mental model, etc. Incredibly valuable services and thought leadership.

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Thanks for researching and writing for our benefit. More Mauboussin brilliance here: https://www.morganstanley.com/im/publication/insights/articles/article_intangiblesandearnings_us.pdf?1649782609360

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Agree with your basic premise regarding the usefulness of this analysis.

I see you are controlling for "high growth from small base" by excluding those cases.

Would it also make sense to try and distinguish examples of organic growth vs. growth via acquisition? Perhaps by looking at growth in revenue per share rather than at just aggregate revenue?

Looking at growth in revenue per share would also help control for dilutive financing events.

I am wondering if something like PBF is more or a "roll up" story than an organic growth story.

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